NYCDOE IPad Troubleshooting

Dear 30x Wilton Parents & Families,

If you borrowed an iPad from the NYCDOE (not from PS 30x) and you are having problems connecting to the internet or Google Classroom, please try the troubleshooting solutions #1 and #2 below. If these do not resolve the problem, please contact the Tech Help Desk using the directions directly below.

  1. Call NYCDOE Tech Help Desk: 718-935-5100

  2. Provide your child's name and OSIS number (student ID)

  3. Provide the iPad Asset Tag (number on sticker)

  4. Explain that the iPad will not connect to the internet and your child can not use Google Classroom.

  5. They will create a ticket for this problem and a specialist from the Remote Learning Department will contact you.

  6. When the iPad is connected, be sure to log in to Google Classroom with your child's account (NOT the account).

Solution #1: No Internet

Solution #2: No Internet