Blended Learning

Blended Learning Expectations

The Blended learning school schedule will be Monday through Friday. We have three groups of students; Group A (In School Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday), Group B(In School Thursday, Friday, and every other Wednesday), and Group C (Remote Learning only) Our students will need to be in class or if remote learning log onto Google Classroom at 8:30AM and follow their class schedule as it pertains to each school day. Teachers will be on Google Classroom to instruct, respond to student’s questions and provide real time feedback to our students within their contractual workday.

Here are the expectations for you and your child during remote learning:


  • ​Your child is expected to follow their regular assigned class schedule for remote learning.

  • Your child is expected to log onto Google Classroom every time his/her class is in session

  • Your child is expected to complete all assignments and assessments by the due dates and times.

  • Your child is expected to notify his/her teacher(s) with any concerns he/she may have via live chat and/or e-mails.

  • Your child is expected to use appropriate language and manners when using the “live chat” on Google Classroom.


  • You are expected to ensure your child log onto Google Classroom Monday through Friday except on holidays.

  • You are expected to make sure that your child completes all assignments and assessments on time.

  • You are expected to reach out to school administrators, parent/community coordinator, guidance counselor/social worker via e-mail with any concern you may have regarding your child.

  • You are expected to reach out to your child’s teacher or teachers at least once a week via e-mail to check on your child progress.

  • You are expected to monitor your child’s activities online.

PARENTS / CAREGIVERS: You must be logged into Google with your child's account. This page will offer tips and trick to assist parents in helping their children to navigate remote learning.